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Call for Papers – Vol. 9 (2021) Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law

The Editors of the Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law are pleased to announce a call for papers for the forthcoming, Vol. 9 (2021) edition of the Yearbook in the following sections:
a, Articles focusing on public health emergency: European and international law responses, introducing how different jurisdictions and branches of law meet the challenge of the coronavirus (and other) crises (‘Thematic Part’ section);
b, Articles dedicated to the academic work of Ferenc Mádl, professor of law, President of the Republic (2000-2005) – commemorating the anniversary of his 90th birthday (‘Anniversaries’ section);
c, Articles examining any current developments of international law, European law or national (Hungarian) law with European and/or international relevance (‘Developments in international law’, ‘Developments in European law’, ‘Hungarian State Practice” sections).
d, Case notes focused on Hungarian jurisprudence (with international relevance) and international jurisprudence (with Hungarian relevance) linked to the years 2020 and 2021, including the case-law of the Constitutional Court of Hungary, ICJ, ECtHR, CJEU and other relevant European/international courts, tribunals and commissions. Be sure to check our Case note guide on our homepage in advance.
e, Conference reports about conferences with cross-border, European and/or international law relevance organized by the Hungarian scientific community. Be sure to check our Conference report guide on our homepage in advance.
f, Reviews of books, written or edited by Hungarian scholars, published in 2020 or 2021 in Hungary or abroad on topics of EU law or international law (‘Review of Hungarian and International Scholarly Literature’ section). Be sure to check our Book review guide on our homepage in advance.
Deadline: Submissions, including a statement of affiliation (in the first footnote of the manuscript, as a startnote), brief abstract (up to 250 words), and confirmation of exclusive submission (in the email or separately) should be sent by 15 April 2021, via e-mail to: Authors are encouraged to share their topics and ideas with Editors, before submitting their contributions.
Language: The Yearbook publishes manuscripts in English, with a preference for American (US) English.
Length Requirements: Articles should not exceed 80 000 characters (including spaces and footnotes). Case notes should be between 25 000 and 40 000 characters (with spaces and footnotes), Conference reports and Book reviews (between 10 000 and 20 000 characters, as a general rule) are also welcome.

Reference style, samples, homepage: Articles should be submitted in conformity with the Hungarian Yearbook style guide provided by Eleven International Publishing.
The Hungarian Yearbook style guide (as well as our case note guide, conference report guide and book review sample, and sample articles) is available at
Double-Blind Peer Review: All manuscripts (excluding book reviews and conference reports) submitted will be subject to double-blind peer review.
Date of Publication: The Editors aim to publish Vol. 9 (2021) in December 2021 at the latest.
About the Hungarian Yearbook: The Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law is published by Eleven International Publishing (the Hague) in printed and e-book form. The objective of the Yearbook is to provide a forum for legal discussion on actual developments of international and European law, and to examine cases, new legislation, events and jurisprudence related to Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe, and Hungarian (Central-Eastern European) legislation from an international law and European law perspective.




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